Thinking about selling your home?

When it comes to selling your home, you will want to follow these tips to Preparing a Home for Home Inspection. These tips will help you sell your home fast and for more money.

  1. Remove grade or mulch from contact with siding. Six or more inches of clearance is preferred.
  2. Clean out dirty gutters or debris from the roof.
  3. Divert all water away from the house; downspouts, sump pump, condensation drains, etc. Grade should slope away from the home.
  4. Trim trees and bushes back from the siding, foundation, roof and chimney.
  5. Paint all weathered exterior wood. Caulk around the trim, chimney, windows and doors. Replace any wood rot.
  6. Seal asphalt or caulk concrete driveways, if cracking.
  7. Seal or tuck point masonry chimney and chimney caps.
  8. Tuck point any failing mortar joints in brick.
  9. Check decks for lag bolts on attachment to house.
  10. Remove firewood from contact with the house.
  11. Clean or replace HVAC filter. Clean dirty air returns.
  12. Test all smoke detectors to ensure they are in safe working condition.
  13. Update attic ventilation if none is present.
  14. Have the chimney, fireplace or wood stove cleaned.
  15. Epoxy seal cracks in foundation.
  16. Ensure that all doors and windows open and lock. Replace any cracked windows.
  17. Check toilet, tub, shower, and sinks for any leaks. Fix any leaks
  18. Install GFCI receptacles near all water sources.
  19. Check sump pump for proper operation.
  20. Replace any burned out light bulbs.
  21. Check that bath vents are properly vented and in working condition.
  22. Have clear access to attic, crawl space, heating system, garage and electrical panel