1. Select a real estate agent

2. Interview lenders & Obtain pre-approval

  •  What loan types are available
  •  How much down payment do I need

3. Analyze your needs – Make a list of the things you’ll need to have & want in a home

4. Select properties to view

5. View properties

6. Write an offer

7. Negotiate the offer

8. Accept offer

9. Select loan program and lock in rate with lender

10. Conduct inspections

11. Negotiate inspection repairs

12. Obtain home owners insurance

13. Arrange movers

14. Review Appraisal

15. Pack

16. Set closing time

17. Set up utilities

18. Change of address for bills, magazines, etc

19. Your loan goes through underwriting for final approval

20. Title company runs title search & removes any Encumbrances

21. Go to closing, sign documents and receive keys, MOVE IN!